Hard Reset DVR8-4550

  • 22 August 2019
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4550 setup over 15months ago, with no internet settings due to no cat5e cable.
After recently install cat5e cable through the walls and ceilings, I know have internet.
Could not find box with instructions & password.
Followed reset instructions. No device found on network.
Reset Modem, Computer & DVR8-4550.
Still no device found.
Tried both 4500 and 4550 software versions.
Computer connects with "blue" light on modem which indicates connection and activity.
4550 connects with "orange" light which indicates connection only.
Entered mac os Terminal and ran " arp -a " command.
All devices found and mac address shown except the 4550.
Unless you have solution for software reset without network access, thru front USB HDD slot, ... need hard reset.
Willing to close internal jumper setting if one is available...
otherwise the unit works but without ability to change or monitor vision.

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