Failed to connect to device

  • 21 July 2018
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i have downloaded the home safe view app and all cameras were on there and working. Now they have stopped showing pictures on my phone and it states failed to connect to device ?

How is can I get it re working?



3 replies

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Hi @David1980,

Welcome to the Community!

To further assist you with this, can you please provide these details:

  • Model number > The model number is located underneath the receiver and usually starts with SW, SR, SO, WMT, DVR, NVR, DVK or NVK
  • UID > 20 alphanumeric code just below the QR Code sticker on top of the DVR

The model number is DVR 4 -4575

The UID is MOD: [contains sensitive info]


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You are already using the correct app/software however, upon checking the network connectivity of the DVR, it showed that it is not receiving an internet connection.

First part of the troubleshooting is to ensure that the DVR is communicating to router.

Please check:

  • Set up of the cables (Please tell us the length of the cable)
  • If the LAN/Ethernet cable is connected directly to the router or if you are using an extender
  • If the LAN/Ethernet LED port of the DVR and router is lit. (Online status should show a blinking light)
Please do:

  • Connect the LAN/Ethernet cable to the router if you are using an extender
  • Ensure that the LAN/Ethernet plugs are firmly connected to the DVR and router ports.
  • Reboot the Router and the DVR