• 14 September 2018
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This DVR certainly seems very glitchy regarding camera setup. I've got cameras not switching back over from night vision to day vision, the PIR cameras don't always allow me to choose PIR for motion detection... but before I'm told to Use the cables supplied with the system, I'm going to install the proper RG59 cable instead as I don't believe these thin CCTV cables are up to the job for the long term. I'll report back after I've done this.

My main question is, surely theres a better update to sort this out, as I believe part of the problem is firmware related?

11 replies

Hi, @Dave888888

May I know the Firmware version of the system?

  • Go to Menu > System > Info.
  • Please get the software and hardware version.
Hardware: DM-372

Software: V7.1.0-20180801
So, it seems the camera settings cause the issues. The new PIR camera on the back of the house seems to prefer being set to AHD-4MP which seems to work and switch over correctly, although no PIR option still in the motion menu... Whereas the front of house PIR camera is set to AUTO and everything works. Very strange. Other than a firmware issue, it only leaves cabling & power supply to check.
Ok, so here's my findings should anyone else have problems with PIR not being in the drop down selection for alarm settings.

Firstly, make sure the camera power supply is correct as suggested.

Most importantly, these PIR cameras seem very fussy over their choice of cable. My old cable worked, but not well enough to allow the use of PIR on the camera.. very strange. I tried using RG59 cable but the camera didn't even work off that, so I'm assuming the camera demands the genuine Swann cables supplied (even though my old 720hd cameras were fine with old cable) I swapped out all 3 runs of cable totalling 6 cables as ive put a junction box on the back of the house to make any future cable changes easy. So after using all genuine Swann cables the PIR option now works on all cameras.

I can only assume the issue arises when the old wiring is not changed.
got the same system here as well. is your setup still working ok? I have the fault where the PIR function disappears from the drop down menu as you have described
Nope. The only camera showing PIR & MOTION is the one camera using the shortest run of cable. The other 3 still don't give me the option. My overall opinion of this system in hindsight, is I should of bought the cheaper model with super hd cameras instead and saved my money. The home safe app is nowhere near as good as the old swann view link app. There's no option to change any DVR settings remotely like the old app either. Very disappointing considering the price. I won't make the same mistake twice. I'd like a phone app that would also show you the log ins from other users to your system as well, that would be a good feature. It could of been a great system, but seems as though it got rushed.
At the moment the PIR function is still in my drop down menus. have you tried rebooting the system in daylight hours (ie the infrared leds not turned on) I have my system auto reboot everyday at 9AM. Checked my system today and the function is still there!!!
I will do that and let you know the results
@wonder y you say you had the problem where PIR disappears, but you didn't say when this happens? My cams lose the PIR/motion functionality when they switch from daylight to night mode. They still show PIR/motion in the drop down menu, but, the PIR/motion does not actually work! When they switch back to day mode, they then work and report PIR/motion again.

Do yours actually work when they switch to night mode for alarm detection?

I'm using some existing cables from a previous system, so i'm gonna swap these out next, as i've tried changing the camera type and EQ settings to no avail. Annoying seeing as they work perfectly throughout the day..
good question...I will have a look at that when I get the chance
@wonder y I've been up the ladder today and replaced my old ptz with a new swann 1080p ptz.
Anyway, while I was doing it I though I'd switch off the DVR, and your quite right, when I'd rebooted I had all the PIR options back for all relevant PIR cameras again.

This might be a bug in the DVRs software maybe?

Ive set the DVR to reboot each morning at 9am to keep the PIR available like yourself.