Dvr8-4980 saving to USB stick

When I want to save a 10 min video on a USB stick it breaks it up in a whole bunch of files.. is there anyway that it will save it as one big file?

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I’m still looking for a answer 10 days after I have asked......
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Hi Reaper,

Was this export taken from an uninterrupted single recording? If it exists on the recorder as multiple small files, that is what you will export.
Yes .. today I saved a 3 min clip from one camera with sound... and I had 4 files to download.. all different sizes ....
Still waiting for a better answer
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Hi Reaper7,

I tried exporting an 8min video on our end but on a similar interfaced unit only (not exactly a 4980) and it only exported a single file. Would you mind taking a snapshot of the file you are trying to export and another snapshot of the files saved to your flash drive. We would also want to know what firmware does the recorder have and what flash drive (brand and capacity) did you use.

i took a 2 min file today and it saved it broke it up in 4 files.. I’m using a 32GB Sandisk ultra USB 3.0 here are some pictures..

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I see what's going on. That method of exporting recordings doesn't really tell you if you will be exporting 1 file or not. You are basically choosing a range to export and from that range, it will export all files regardless if they are several clips or not.

If you follow this article though, this will display each file and you will definitely know how many clips will be exported.

Both methods are fine as long as you can get what you want and able to play it.
So I tried it the other way today and I tried to download a 1 minute file .. as you can see it won’t let me..the file it wants me to download to my USB is 4 min long...

And when I want a 10 min file to my USB it’s 6 files And it’s over 12 min long...

So is there no way to download a 10 min file as one file?
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None. You can either follow the article I posted or use the method you used before. The system actually works as intended.
Actually the system is not working like it should...just the other day I started to play around with some of the files I downloaded onto the USB stick.. like I stated before when I try to download a 2 min file onto a USB stick I get multiple files to download...when I try to piece them all together in my video editing software they don’t line up..there seems to be frames missing.... I could make a video to show you what I mean ..
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Hi Reaper,

Could you take a picture of your Record Schedule of channel 1? Also, do you want the DVR to just record motion or you want it to record continuously?
i want it to record continuously but to also show me when there was motion or a pir event

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Hey Reaper,

Wellll, that explains the result you're getting.

You're forcing the recorder to swap between full-time recording and alert recording. This is causing breaks as the recorder changes the mode the video is being recorded in.

Because of the breaks, the delay will place the video slightly out of sync with the previous video. That's why you can't get one long recording, because you don't have any.

If you want to use it this way, might I suggest taking out the alert schedule, and use the email/push system to identify times when an alert has occurred? Otherwise, forcing the system to do double-duty like this will net these results.
So I took out the alert schedule and I rebooted it and let it run for 1 hour.. I then took a 10 min clip.. it was still 3 files long and they still don’t line up....also when I check the playback there is no markers for pir or motion... I’m not sure how you guys use the system but I use it everyday.. not only do I use it everyday but the police are here all the time picking up footage from my house.. I need this to work properly...I also run a Swann dvr 4500 and it does not have these issues...if I want a 20 min clip it’s one file..
I still need a fix to this the 4980 a faulty dvr? It seems to have a lot of issues...I need to be able to download complete files...what are you guys doing to address these issues?
I’m Still looking for a fix to this issue...
I am now wondering if you guys are going to answer my concerns about this dvr.. if it can’t download a complete file I would say it’s a major flaw... what’s going on ? At least acknowledge there is a issue...I came onto this forum looking for a new system and you guys recommended this dvr..I would return it but I have now had it for over 90 days and they won’t take it back..I can deal with most of the other issues this dvr has but not being able to download a complete file is HUGE....
Still no answers...