Dvr8-4980 and PIR issues

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So when the cameras switch over to night vision or back to day vision the pir option disappears from the alarm option on some of the cameras... I have to manually unplug the effected camera and replug it to reset .. if I don’t I only have motion option...
this DVR is a NIGHTMARE... what’s going on Swann ...

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same and many more issues here too with my 4980, I wrote a review on this product, Swann blocked me, I wrote one on Amazon, this is the worst product I have ever encountered ever for this amount, the firmware is extremely buggy, their power supplies are poorly designed, no ground prong, cables shielding is poor, they sent me their latest patch (2018-03-06) but has similar issues. CS is worst I encountered, heck they even slammed the phone when Amazon management called to ask what's going on, I may have to ask my money back from them, not worth it....I hope this will make it to the their Executive staff (David Swann and Keith Oldridge) and possible to the media, what a scam.
Other noted issues with 4980:
  1. Pre-recording is enabled but not functional, preview of recordings shows it starts 2-3s after detection of PIR/Motion;
  2. Few of the channels starts with a fuzzy image in the first 1-2s
  3. requires a grounded and higher power supply (3000mlA) to eliminate some of the channels flickering image;
  4. noisy HDD
Hope to get some attention from the development team in Australia or where ever they are. Otherwise we'll say goodbye to Swann products.
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I’m still waiting for a answer from Swann .......
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Hi Reaper7,

May I get the firmware version of your DVR8-4980? Also, could you please answer couple more questions:
  1. How many cameras are connected and how many are affected?
  2. What is the output rating of the power adapter your are using for your cameras? (Please provide both output rating if you are using 2x adapters for 5-8 cameras)
  3. What is the length of the camera extension cable you used for these cameras?
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I’m using software version : V7.1.0.20180306
it effects 2 of the cameras cam3 and cam4 .... I even switched some of the cameras around and it still does it..under the alarm tab the pir and motion disappear and it only says enable or disable under the detection option..and when I check playback I only see green and yellow marks and no purple.. this seems to happen when it changes from night vision back to day or from day to night.. if I unplug the effected camera and replug it seems to reset it and it works fine till it switches again..I’m using the power cords that came with it and they are 12v-2000ma... and I’m using the 60 foot bnc cable provided.....
You mention this issue and I check mine, guess what it looks like out of total 8 cameras, only 4 of them have pir and motion option, the other 4 is only Enable option, I tried to unplug and repluged it back like you said but nothing changed, I just thought that is how dvr 4980 suppose to be, oh man so what is it really going to be for a perfect working swann product
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have you tried to reboot the system?
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Yes, I can also report that I have one camera which I reported early on via email to support. They offered to swap the camera thinking it was bad. However, I had moved the cameras around, even tried hooking up a secondary cable thinking maybe the cable was bad. However, my Camera 8 to this day will show PIR/Motion only if I reset it during the day time. Then after the camera go through night mode if I check it it will just be back to enable or disable, no PIR or Motion. The thing is PIR and motion doesn't work either.

You can see below in the screen shot that the menu changes to just enable and disable. However, detection doesn't work.

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Hi Reaper7,

@OTACORB has an interesting information mention on his comment. Normally, 4x regular camera works fine on a 12V 2000mA power adapter provided that you are using the stock cable. If what you said is correct, can you try to check if just having 2 cameras on your stock cables and 12V 2000mA will still have an issue on either day or night time?
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I just got an update pushed to my DVR8-4980. My Software Version is now: V7.1.0-20180419. IE Client Version: V1.2.21 (Not sure if that changed).

I will say that when went to Alarm and scrolled through my camera's They all show PIR and Motion. Did this include some sort of fix? I don't know because just last night I looked at I had 2 Cameras that wasn't showing PIR and Motion (Just enable or disable).

I wish I would have screen captured what it fixed, but I was half a sleep. Maybe JohnL or one of the other guys can post what this update addresses. I assume because it was pushed to our DVR's this is no longer a pre-release version.
For anyone finding this in the future the discussion continued in another thread.
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Hi all on here.
We are trying to find the source of the issues you are facing with the PIR detection dropping. So far here without forcing the wrong EQ setting as shown in the menu below where we forced an EQ Level of 4 and the PIRs dropped out, but when set to AUTO as per default we have not had a single dropout. We find that for our cables we feel that a setting of 1 or 2 would be most successful. To help us solve the issues you are facing any information you could share about your environment would be great, for example the cables in use and their length, any power variations, power strips, UPSs and anything else you might think is relevant to the issue.

did you removed the access to Camera Setup screen in 20180512 ? I don't find that screen anymore, I remember seeing it before this version. If you did please restore it or explain why you felt you need to remove that screen from admin access.

If you are serious about trying to find the marginality of the firmware/hardware, I encourage your dev. team to contact us directly (phone, send your team in the field etc.), otherwise it will get dragged forever.

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You can find it under the display tab.. then camera set...
Update to my previous message: I did find it under the Live Camera SETING screen, my config. was always set to AUTO on both, but still have the issue.
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Hi abcd1234,

Have you tried other EQ levels and see which fits best? You may find a certain EQ level that works best for your camera.
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Hello again everybody.
We have a beta release available for those experiencing issues with video EQ levels that are unstable which may cause some reduction in image quality.
The firmware file is not on OTA but can be downloaded here
The fixes noted by our engineers in this release are:
  1. Improved EQ detection and image quality
  2. Fixed a bug that caused small recording files with some settings
  3. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the pre-record to be dropped and improved pre-record time up to a maximum of 5 seconds before the PIR trigger
As with before, this beta version is tested but not formally released to our OTA server.
Please let us know how you go.

Hi JamesC,

I have a DVR8-4980 and have auto upgraded to v7.1.0-20180512 and since the PIR function and pre-record don't work as they did before this upgrade. It is frustrating!

What is even more frustrating is that the upgrade from your link above could not be installed as it gives me file error when I try to upgrade the system manually.

Followed all the steps on the Swann web site...

Please help!
hi JamesC

has this problem been fixed or a work around, i have just bought the same system and after the latest update i have no pir/motion option or no push option also

i am about ready to send it back.

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Hi @leec32 we have updated the firmware for your model since but we just don't get the PIR disconnection issue here. One of our senior techs would like to catch up with you so we can do a little investigation and see what the root cause might be.
hi @JamesC

that's fine, i have just reset all defaults and only using 1 camera now for testing, the options have come back for now but i am waiting to see what happens when it goes dark tonight

it is fine for the tech to contact me, how do we do this ?

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Hi @leec32 , can you create a case in our support system and PM the case code to @MichaelC so he can catch up with you please?
@JamesC do you have a link as i can only find

i sent an email but got no case code
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I think I found you in our support system from a phone inquiry a little while back, but I cannot see an email from you in our system. Did you email ?
no, it was the link above and select email

on another note i did phone uk support before i purchased this asking for some information about models, i was informed this model had line crossing detection but it obviously hasn't.

which 5mp model does have line cross detection