DVR8-4400. All channels recording but can only play back 2 consecutively.

  • 17 August 2019
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I have had a DVR8-4400 system with 7 SWPRO-H850 cameras for a couple of years. I have noticed recently that if I try and play back several cameras at once it may display 2, but the other 2 would be blank. At first I thought it was not recording but when I select the 2 that were blank they play ok.
So I am happy all cameras are recording, I just seem to be limited as to however many I can view at once. this obviously makes reviewing footage more time consuming.
I am playing back directly to my TV, not via a PC.
Any thoughts?
Thank you
Just realised, title of this is wrong. Should read ' back 2 at the same time' (not consecutively)

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