dvr-4980 not uploading to dropbox

  • 9 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Upgraded my dvr4980 to V8.1.0-20190702 firmware now it won't upload images to dropbox. I deleted all folders in Dropbox and tried again but it didn't populate any folders. If I undo the folder delete from dropbox I can see the storage available on my dvr cloud settings page change. It says activated for cloud storage and seems to be connecting since It shows available cloud storage space. Does the new firmware have a bug?

2 replies

Is anyone else using dropbox successfully after upgrading to the newest firmware? My dvr-4980 was not prerecording before the update but now it is. Dropbox was working correctly before the newest firmware but now it is not. Can someone verify that it works? I have tried every setting to no avail.
Since upgrading to the latest firmware I cannot connect to dropbox, it shows 21% of the dropbox store is used but then when I click activate cloud I et he message cloud activation failed, what else do I need to do, I used to work and now doesn't!