_Swann DVR: View Inside LAN - Cant view outside LAN (Talk Talk Router)

  • 22 August 2019
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Hi All
Thanks in advance if anyone can help resolve this.
My DVR was working fine, we had an agent from Talk Talk visit and since then cctv no longer visible outside LAN.
I have reset router/dvr
Set up Reserved IP and Port Forwarding, can view inside network, but nothing outside network.
My other (identical) system at a separate address works fine, but having rebooted the dvr remotely and physically, along with the router, still nothing.
I deleted and rescanned the QR code to reset it up in the app, and still the same issue.
DVR Details:
Reserved IP Add:
Port 9000
setup reserved ip/port forwarding
Still Nothing.
Any Help is appreciated.
Thanks All in advance..

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