NHD-885MSFB - can't speak to the camera speaker

  • 2 December 2018
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Just purchased a NHD-885MSFB (with inbuilt spotlights & speaker) all seems to wors fine, except when I use the Homeview app on my smartphone to speak to the inbuilt speaker...nothing is heard. The camera's siren works (therefore the speaker is fine)...& I can hear the camera's audio on my smartphone (therefore audio back from the camera is fine)...just nothing head out of the camera speaker when I press on the 'PRESS' buton in Homewiew.

I tried doing this on a Nokia 7 Plus...and an Iphnoe 5 - same result.

Any ideas? (or is this still buggy with this feature being quite recent?)

My NVR is an NVR-8580 with the latest firmware.

27 replies

Anyone from Swann here? I paid top dollar for this camera...and the main feature (for me at least) - 2 way audio is not working as advertised.
I'm having the same issue and the siren isn't working
It's a poor situation - their top of the range 4k camera.

Th video works, the spotlights come on, I can hear audio from the camer, the siren works (so the speaker works)...but the audio to the camera (from me speaking to it) is not heard. On this basis, I don't think it's connection issue, it's either hardware fault (camera or NVR) ...or more likely badly tested/rolled out apps. I've tried on both android -Nokia 7 plus) & Apple phones (5s & 6S) ...none work wrt 2 way audio.

it should work like this... (6m10 sec in)

Anyone from Swann care to chip in?
what firmware are you running on the nvr?
NVR Information:-

Device Type: NVR8-8580

Hardware Version: DM-357

Software Version: V7.1.0-20180723

IE Client Version: V1.1.0.41
updated your firmware and use a USB, see link below post 10.1.2018
updated your firmware and use a USB, see link below post 10.1.2018

Not sure what you mean by the last bit - I'm not seeing that date (10.1.2018) on your URL link page.

When I installed the DVR I used auto firmware now reports it has the latest version...are you suggesting my NVR is on older firmware? Also, if I update my firmware...perhaps my siren will stop working (like yours?!)

I downloaded the firmware for the NVR8-8580's named

N4XXX_V180622V180620V180620V180723V180723V180723.sw's impossible to glean what firmware version it is from the naming?! (none of those versions are anywhere near my current firmware version!)
10.1.2018 is date posted. I hate how they name their files.

i see no harm on downloading and installing manual.

i have nvr 16 -8580 v.V7.1.0-20180522
im still waiting on swann to send me a link on my dvr
so it looks like my firmware date (from the name V7.1.0-20180723) was released on the 23 July 2018 - therefore if the downloadable firmware is dated 10.1.2018 it may actually be older than mine (in the UK that date would be interpreted as 10 Jan 2018 ...though it might be US format, which be 1 Oct 2018!)
its Oct 1, 2018 so mostly new then what you have
There is only one USB port on the NVR...if I plug in a USB flash drive with the firmware on it, then I must disconnect the local mouse connected to the DVR...but if I've no mouse connected to the DVR, I can't start a firmware how is the firmware meant to be updated on the 8580 with a USB flash drive?
Ok the solution my firmware upgrade is to go into my loft & dig out an old USB 4 port hub...this allowed me to have the mouse & USB drive attached to the NVR at the same time.

So, I tried to update the NVR firmware manually using a file on the USB drive (latest as downloaded from the Swann firmware page) NVR reports it already has the latest firmware installed - bizarre!

Swann ought to sort out their naming convetion to make versions/dates clearer

Firmware info as showing on my NVR's info page...

Software Version: V7.1.0-20180723

vs the forware name downloaded (N4XXX_V180622V180620V180620V180723V180723V180723.sw - dated Oct 1 2018)'s not easy to work out!


Contact Tech support for updated firmware for NVR.( V7.1.0-20180810)

I have already updated and everything works. Beside one of my cameras having a popping sound(NHD-885MSB) v4.41.4.8_181114. Tech thinks its the cable, but if the cable was the issue, I wouldnt have any picture. Since the Cat5 cable it comes with only uses 2 twisted pair, one set for power and the other set for data.

Make Sure Two way(NHD-885MSFB) is updated to V4.41.4.8_180721

Be prepared to work with the NVR directly and have a USB thumb driver 3 GB min.

Thanks. Just to be clear, are you saying you had the same problem? (i.e. unable to hear your voice coming out of the NHD-885MSFB camera speaker?) and are you now saying that after updating your NVR firmware & your camera firmare to the latest versions, you can now speak to your camera (from your phone) & can hear the associated audio coming out of the camera speaker?

How do you contact support (via email, phone?)
ccorrect we had the same issue and I called in
Many thanks (this sounds quite hopeful) ...I've just emailed them, referring to this thread & asking for the firmware versions you mentioned.

How do I update the NHD-885MSFB camera firmware? (or even see what version it has now?...what app do I use?)

this picture is taken using internet explorer to access my NVR.
this picture is taken using internet explorer to access my NVR.

I didn't know I could access the NVR with IE ...I've been using the Swann Homeview Safe app.

What format is the URL to browse into your NVR with IE? (I tried just the IP address of my NVR, it didn't work)...e.g. (this being the LAN IP address for my NVR)
make sure your router ports are allowed for 85 and 9000

local network inside your home

outside of your home

you'll need to know your external IP address
Thanks it was the port number 85 suffix that I was missing...I was just able to connect to my NVR using IE camera firmware is showing as V4.41.4.8_180721 (therefore it appears to be the same version as you camera). I need to get the latest firmware for my NVR from Swann.
okay cool at least you can narrow it down
One last question (for now! 🙂 ) NVR shows Software version V7.1.0-20180723 ...when I downloaded the latest firmware to USB key (from theSwann Firmware page) & tried to load it, the NVR reported "you already have the latest firmware version installed" ...are you saying that Swann support linked you to a later version (or emailed it you) ...& that you were able to load that particular version from USB stick? (what Software version does your NVR show under settings-info?)
Swann support tech emailed me a link from their drop box to download a new version
Hi, did you get any resolution to this as I’m having the exact same issue? I currently have the v4.41.4.8_180721 firmware on the 885MSFB camera and v7.1.0_20180930 on the NVR8580. Tried chatting with tech support but told me to call, I’m currently on hold for over an hour now so thought I’d try checking with you. Thanks. Kevin
@kmather48 Where did you get v7.1.0_20180930 for the NVR from?

I see a lot of people going to this version but the link I found gives me an invalid file...