New NHD-836 Image is in Black & white

  • 20 January 2019
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Hi, we have a NVR8-7200, 8 channel system running for a number of years at our club house.
The system runs POE to all cameras. Five of the cameras are bullet style NHD-820's, two cameras are NHD-821's.

The eighth and final camera recently installed (indoors) is a NHD-836. As per the Swann Compatibility Chart, the NHD-836 works with the NVR-7200.

The NHD-836 work OK for a number of weeks, but then began to have issues. The NHD-836 would flip between Day and Night mode during the day. The NHD-836 is now permanently in night mode or displaying B&W images. The IR light is always on and unit feels very warm to the touch.

The NHD-836 is located indoors in a bright room.

I have....
  • Rebooted the entire system.
  • Disconnected the camera from the system & reconnected.
  • Tried to modify the settings via the 7200 console.
  • Connect NHD-836 to my home network, then
  • Browsed to the camera itself, logged in, selected Reset to default, saved and rebooted.
  • Changed settings to 720P
While attached to my home network, I can view the camera's image via the Android App, which still displays in B&W.

The image below is a sample take at 10:38:41 AM in a bright sunny day.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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