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  • 8 January 2018
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Can someone tell me how to name my cameras, especially so that when I am looking at recorded data, it's easy for me to pick the camera that I want to search for data on.
I know how to name them so that I can see the camera name on my screen, it's when searching for recordings.

I have a NVR8-7400.


7 replies

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Hi 152bobby,

Setting a name on each camera won't reflect on the app (from your screenshot). The name will only be applied to the name showed in the videos (live and recorded files).
To change the name, you can access the Menu then Display and select Camera. The Camera Name text field holds the name that will be displayed on each channel.
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I am a wee bit confused.

So does that mean if I'm away from my home and I want to view some footage via the app on my phone, I have to remember or write down what the cameras are from 1 to 8 (I have 8 cameras) ?

As already mentioned, all my cameras have names which I have entered using the mouse via the NVR system, so when I see my cameras on my display monitor, they all have names.

All I want to be able to do is add a name of the camera ( for example Front Drive) to each of the 8 channels on the screen attached, which is the screen for searching for footage using the app on my phone.

Thanks again for your help, you seem to me the main, if not the only person that is replying to forum users questions, much appreciated.

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Hi 152bobby,

I'm afraid to say that it's how the system works. No need to worry as much because it won't take you long to figure out which one you needed since when you open the app, it will show you on the live view at least first 4 cameras that you have arrange in order being ch1 placed at the top left and ch4 at the bottom right, starting from left to right, top to bottom.
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Thanks, at least I now know and I'm not missing out on something !!

I hope that this is on Swanns list of app enhancements, because I'm pretty sure it's just a simple programming fix for the app developers.

I'll drop them a note via the email listed on the app.
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Hi 152bobby,

No problem, your suggestion is much appreciated.
With respect
On my system SODVK-445804V-UK
After installation i unplugged and reconnected the feeds til my 4 cameras appeared in my preferred order on the quad split-screen monitor.
Each camera 1> 4 i logged in
and from Main menu / Display / Live
selecting each camera individually, I clicked in Channel name box, and relabelled the camera to my preferred name (8 characters max)
and repeated the process til I'd labelled up all 4 cameras.
Then opening my HomeSafe View App and selecting my Swann Dvr system, what I have displayed labelled on my screen monitor is exactly duplicated on my phone app.
Historical records are also labelled.
This feature is a necessity. I’m so frustrated with having to click on each camera because I can’t remember the position of each camera number.