Motion Detect - email ok, but no picture - NVR-7400

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Thank your for the prompt reply @152bobby but you have to post another thread for checking if there's a firmware available for your NVR unit so we can help you with that.
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Even though there is a link included in this thread about both the firmware for the cameras and the NVR !!!

Ok I'll do that.

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Yes, @152bobby. Since that your concern is about firmware update. You can try the link I have provided on this thread that has instructions. Also, check first the firmware on your NVR if it's outdated.

By the way, I replied on your thread already. If you got an outdated version, you can try the link provided here.
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152bobby - I assume what you are after is similar to this article, or if you use the links from this article - you are able to navigate to the unit you have.. I will be trying the update as per previous people have suggested today and let you all know. Article: NVR-7400 and NHD-818/819CAM Firmware Release
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In the office - I upgraded the NVR in the office - using the latest f/ware. During the firmware u/grade it rebooted the device and basically lost a few of the settings - such as email settings. These settings were reset and we are in the middle of testing.

Attempted to apply the f/ware to the cameras - and I received on all 3 x cameras - upgrade failed!.
The cameras - reset and returned to normal.

I will attempt the same at the home device and cameras, and report back on the firmware upgrade success to NVR and Camera. As well as the email with attachments issue.

I realise that the camera has a different f/ware pak to be used - being in my case - the IPC_388M.541_17051800.ov4689.4MP.SW_AUS (1).pak
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Karl, I have updated the NVR8-7400 - using the pak file - (NVR8-7400_170512_3438_1103.pak)

However - when attempting to update the f/ware for the cameras - using the [IPC_388M.541_17051800.ov4689.4MP.SW_AUS] file - the system reported - Upgrade Failed!

Can you please provide me with some advice-as what can I do?
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@konmanos, Could you tell me the model of your camera that came with the kit so we can check if there's another firmware available aside from that.
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The model of the camera is NHD-818CAM - do you also need to know the S/Number?
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Thank you @konmanos. It looks like that the camera is failing due to that the firmware is updated already. We've exhausted the possible fix to his but still occurring. I'm sorry as you may need to call our Tech Support Team to get recommendation about this problem.
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OK - I have finally made the time, to update the 1 x 7400 system both the NVR f/ware via USB and the Cameras via USB. After the update the system, definately has improved. That is I now receive alerts, as always via email - however the attachment of images are now a little more than previous. Eg. Before the upgrade I would receive trigger emails - eg 90 emails and about 80 of these were without images. After the upgrade I receive 90 emails and of these 20 have no images.. So it continues to be a problem for me.. Any ideas???? from SWANN - or - should I return the 2 x systems back to SWANN???
This sounds like the same problem I have. NVR16-7300 device, upgraded to NVR16-7400 model when the latest GA3.1 firmware was applied. The image attachment is missing in exactly 66% (2 out of 3) of the motion detection emails.

The email client I've used is different versions of Outlook, and the problem occurs in Outlook 2016 and 2010, but not 2007.

With Outlook 2016, emails with a missing image don't have the paper clip symbol, and therefore no attachment is visible.

With Outlook 2010, every email has the paper clip symbol, indicating that the email contains an attachment, however when the attachment of an email with a missing image is opened it says "04_20181026154335.jpg It appears that we don't support this file format".

However, if you look at the email headers in Outlook 2016 and 2010, you can see that the image bytes (base 64 encoded) are always present.

With Outlook 2007, the image attachment is present and visible in every email.

Also, the problem doesn't occur when Gmail webmail is the client - the image is visible in every email. Exactly the same emails are received by the Outlook clients, because I use Gmail as the SMTP server for the Swann device and the POP3 server for the Outlook clients.

I reported all this to Swann over 1 year ago, but the issue still isn't resolved, despite them (Michael) saying "It is on the list of requested fixes".

I think the problem is caused by the Swann firmware creating incorrect email headers, specifically an incorrect closing boundary string. Outlook 2007 and Gmail are tolerant of these incorrect headers, hence why they can display every image attachment, but not Outlook 2010 and 2016, which seem to have a stricter interpretation of the email header rules.
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JWE111, that is very detailed in your investigative work, and I cannot believe that someone has gone to so much trouble to source the possible issue. It seems that you have been able to find the possible cause and yet SWANN have ignored your 'findings'. It also suggests that SWANN have falsely advertised their product to the consumer, as it does not work as advertised, and there are strong consumer laws for this.
konmanos, what is your email client?
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I am using the latest Version of outlook - Outlook 2016
In that case, read on!

I provided all the details of my technical investigation to Swann support, however they didn't have Outlook 2016 and were unwilling to reproduce the problem. They said that as the images are correctly displayed by Gmail, there can't be a bug in their software. But I disagree.

Thinking that the issue may be caused by a bug in Outlook 2016, I also contacted Microsoft and posted my technical investigation here:

Note - in that thread I was mistaken when I said that the attachment image is present and visible in every email received by an Outlook 2010 client. In fact, Outlook 2010 also has the same problem as Outlook 2016, but shows it in a slightly different way: Outlook 2010 displays the paper clip symbol for every email, but when the attachment image is opened (in Microsoft Photos) the .jpg file name is displayed with the text "It appears that we don't support this file format".

My conclusion: there is a bug in the Swann firmware which creates an incorrect closing boundary string in the MIME email contents.

The Swann boundary string is "-----part1-----", without the quotes. The MIME standard for multipart messages - - states that, when used to separate different parts of the message, the boundary must be preceded by 2 hyphens (--) for every boundary used in the message and trailed by 2 hyphens for the closing boundary. The Swann emails contain correct boundaries for each part of the message ("-------part1-----", without the quotes), but always contain an incorrect closing boundary (also "-------part1-----", when it should be "-------part1-------").

This incorrect closing boundary string, together with the last line of Base64 characters to encode the image, when either 1 or 2 "=" padding characters are required, is interpreted by Outlook 2016 and 2010 as an invalid image attachment, and therefore they don't display the image. Other email clients (e.g. Outlook 2007 and Gmail webmail) seem to be more relaxed about the MIME standard and therefore always display the image.

The Base64 encoding of the image ends with either 0, 1 or 2 "=" padding characters. When 0 "=" padding characters are required, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2010 are somehow able to correctly interpret the Base64 encoding and display the image, despite the incorrect closing boundary string. When 1 or 2 "=" are required the image can't be displayed, hence why 66% (2 out of 3) of emails on average have an apparently missing image.
Hello. @konmanos , were you able to get your problem fixed? My cameras were all sending emails with pictures until I upgraded the firmware in my 6 NHD 815 cameras. Now, they are all intermittently attaching pictures. I reached out to the Swann techs and they said that the latest firmware should have fixed the issue. (In my case, it was the opposite.) The last resort per the tech, is to reset the cameras. However, he said to reset one camera first. We did that, but the problem still exist. I have not called them back yet as I will wait and see the progress. Please advise.

I also upgraded the firmware in my NVR8 7300. This was a couple of days before I upgraded the firmware in the cameras. The firmware upgrade in my NVR did not affect the emails. All cameras were still sending email triggers with pictures. The problem occurred when the camera firmware was upgraded.

Thank you.
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Unfortunately, I have given up with Swann Support and their software. The more u/grades and changes I make the more issues. I therefore do not have the email with attachments working at all. I have turned it off. I also found that I was getting errors in receiving alerts, as the slightest change in view of the camera was an alert. Tried everything and to no avail.