Emails wont set up

  • 20 January 2019
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Followed the steps using both Gmail, don't use very often, but certain details correct.....invalid password or username. So i used my yahoo account details i use everyday, set 00465, The address....password....set sender as my e-mail and receiver as my email, again failed as invalid username or password???? Can't go any further. Any help appreciated. Lights for internet connection are flashing so connected.

2 replies

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Hi @Mickey Smith,

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To better assist you with this, may I know the model number of your unit?

The model number is usually located on the Swann sticker on the based of the unit. It can also be found on the top of the packaging box. It commonly start with "SW", SR', 'CO', DVR' or 'NVR'.

Also, you have you tried enabling the allow less secure app of your email account?
Please find below the link on how to enable Allow Secure App


I hope this helps.
I could not get on with any account...passwords incorrect...even though I checked then on other devices to log in. I created a new gmail. Success.....set my phone up...ok....whilst doing that I thought I would set my tablet up....incorrect password???? I have just used it to set phone up. Tried again and again....password incorrect. So frustrating.....model No is DVR8-4580V. Thanks