Alert from your DVR - Camera Video Lost

  • 20 January 2019
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Hi - evening. I'm hoping someone may be able to help, because tbh, I've had nothing but trouble since I purchased a Swann kit.

I bought 5MP Super HD DVR-4980 with 2TB HDD and 4 x 5MP thermal sensing cameras. After 4-months, i then ran a software update, which froze the DVR and despite everything, I was then asked to return it to Swann for a replacement. By the time this finally arrived, I'd had 6 or 7 weeks without any CCTV.

Around 4-months later, i start to receive alert emails - Camera Video Lost. Despite the error, there's still power and the red LED's showing on the camera, but a black screen on the monitor / App. I followed all the usual advice - try the cables in different ports, with different cameras, shut down / reboot, check the software updates etc., etc. Nothing worked, so i was left with 1 camera (number 2) still not actively recording.

Then almost 4 weeks or so later, number 2 suddenly re-engages and is fully functioning. BUT, at exactly the same point, camera number 3 disengages, in exactly the same manner; Red LED light up, but black screen on the monitor / App and the email alert messages indicating the camera video loss. Fortunately, this only lasts 3 or 4 days, before then coming back online.

Then, last night, number 2 goes offline once again. So, I've been and reviewed the DVR and initially, the image quality began to go, with excessive horizontal lines on 'motion' detection. An hour later, there's no motion and just PIR detection, but with the same horizontal lines, before 30 minutes later, the camera video is lost once again.

So, 10-months since I purchased this kit, I've had less than 9-months of CCTV coverage, I'm on the 2nd DVR, and I've now got constant camera errors. Clearly, a sub-quality kit and time to pack this up and return for a full refund I think...


1 reply

Hi - is anyone at Swann interested in trying to help resolve these issues, which still persist with camera no.2?